Why work with a consultant?

An independent educational consultant is a “student of colleges” who has researched hundreds of universities and knows what type of student would thrive at each one. We visit colleges on our own, go on consultant tours of 5-10 schools in a week, and attend educational conferences. Members of Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) are the gold standard for the profession, passing a rigorous screening process in order to be a part of these educational groups. We work with so many applicants over the years that we get to be very good at predicting outcomes and making recommendations.
The decision of which college to attend is a costly one, both financially and emotionally, and it pays to get well-researched advice. All types of students use IECs. If your student doesn’t know where she wants to apply or what she wants to study, if he is dreading the process or procrastinating, or if he simply needs a little inspiration, an educational consultant will be tremendously helpful. Likewise, students who are driven and focused on top colleges benefit from the calming assistance of an IEC who can suggest excellent colleges which aren’t as competitive, to round out their list. Both types of students, and those in-between, benefit from expert guidance on writing an application that is the best it can be. And finally, IECs are effective in working with many types of family dynamics and in helping parents to allow their teenager some autonomy in the admissions process.

The comprehensive process for assisting students in the transition to college involves several steps:

  • Individual and in-depth parent and student interviews focusing on the student’s academic interests, extracurricular activities, strengths, weaknesses, expectations, and goals.
  • Analysis of the student’s academic profile from school records, available testing, and teacher comments.
  • Suggestions regarding course selections, summer experiences, and extracurricular involvement to help a student fulfill his/her goals.
  • Identification of colleges that meet the student’s academic, artistic, athletic, financial, and social needs.
  • Assistance in the preparation, planning, and execution of college visits, including interviews.
  • The creation of a standardized testing plan that plays to the student’s strengths, including referrals for further ACT/SAT/SAT 2 tutoring where appropriate.
  • Aid in constructing applications that best represent the student’s strengths and unique qualities.
  • Advice regarding the preparation of supplementary materials such as portfolios, auditions, and athletic videos.
  • Financial aid and merit scholarship identification and application assistance.
  • Assistance in the review of offers of admission and matriculation decisions.

What parents and students are saying about their experience:

Thanks again for all of your help. We learned more in the first five minutes of our meeting with you than we knew about the whole process beforehand. The first semester of scholarships alone more than made up for your fee.

Parent, Carbondale, Colorado

Thank you SO much for your direction and support in the quest of ‘Where to go to college?’ and ‘How to get there?’. You have a remarkable ability to focus in on what is good for ‘your kids’ and the enthusiasm and tenacity to see the process to completion. Carolyn, you have made this time ‘exciting!’

Parent, Santa Fe New Mexico

As Kathryn said when she read your email, you are incredible! Your email is so helpful. More important, I can tell from speaking to Bronwyn that she's really connected with you and trusts you implicitly. I knew you'd be a great fit. I am so glad that you are around to help. I am very pleased that you are involved and love what you’re doing with and for her.

Parent, Toronto, Canada

Thank you Carolyn, for all you did to help us navigate this complicated (and lengthy) search. You were always so patient and good-humored with us-even through our inevitable panicked moments! I appreciate your calm, your in-depth knowledge, and your confidence that we’d find a good fit.

Parent, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

We really appreciate your very hard work and how involved and concerned you have been with the girls. We could not have found anyone better.

Parent, Aspen, Colorado

My mom and I were talking last night and trying to imagine what this process would have been like without you. While we might have gotten through it, we would have never found Redlands, or the Johnston Center! You have been awesome. Thanks so much.

Student, Roaring Fork High School