Whether you are overseas and working with Carolyn through Skype, or a local student who meets in person, you will benefit from her college-counseling program. Carolyn will guide you through the process from start to finish, with a focus on finding a good fit, applying strategically, and helping you to “stand out” among other applicants. She will also make sure that students apply to the colleges that would make the most sense for the financial aid profile of the family. Working with Carolyn will reduce the stress experienced by students and parents. Students will also gain a sense of autonomy in the process and enjoy this exciting time in their lives.

Carolyn uses College Planner Pro, an online college-planning program designed to meet the needs of college consultants and their clients. The system provides an organized and efficient process for a consultant, student, and parents to share information, keep track of meetings and testing schedules, and research colleges.




The premium package features comprehensive counseling and financial aid advice throughout the entire college process. Students may start at any time, but ideally prior to senior year. Typically, freshman and sophomore meetings focus upon course selection, extracurricular involvement, standardized testing, and summer activity. Junior year activity primarily involves identifying, researching, and preparing to visit colleges. Carolyn also assists the students in obtaining the best teacher and counselor recommendations possible.

Students complete most of their applications and essays during the summer months following junior year. On average, students complete twenty-five to forty essays of various lengths. During this critical time, students and parents can schedule an an unlimited number of meetings with Carolyn.

Carolyn is available throughout senior year to help finalize applications, compare offers of admission and financial aid, and potentially move students off of wait lists, as needed.


The Distance Package offers the same list of services as the Premium Package, only communications and meetings are all done via email, phone calls, or through Skype. International and long distance students will typically choose the Distance Package and have all their meetings through phone calls/Skype, with frequent email check ins. Local students who have busy schedules or who don’t need the added support of the in-person meetings can also opt for the Distance Package. These students can set up appointments during their evening homework time and have a Skype or phone conversation then, or email questions and get a quick response.

Parents likewise can email and call whenever they have questions. For local students, the Distance Package includes three in- person meetings: The in-take meeting and the college preferences questionnaire meeting. Everything else is done through email and phone/Skype calls.



The focus of the Mini Package is on developing a college list, and an early discussion of application strategy and tasks to be executed in the process. The Mini Package includes one in-take meeting, where Carolyn reviews the student’s grades, testing, and interests. She discusses a timeline for admissions, and tasks the student can do to increase his or her chances of success. After the meeting, she develops a list of about twenty colleges, with likelihood of acceptance ratings, and emails this to the student. There is one follow up meeting within 30 days of the in-take meeting.

This package is good for families who only want limited help, or it works as a first step before moving to the Premium Package or Distance Package discussed above. Families can start with the Mini Package and upgrade to the full-service offering if they want the additional services and attention.


7th – 9th Grade Students  $250
Carolyn offers an Early Guidance program whereby younger students and parents can get an early start on college admissions prep. Early guidance involves two meetings plus one phone call follow up. Carolyn reviews transcripts and testing and discusses future plans with the student. She also addresses course selection, summer opportunities, and activities with an eye toward college admissions. She discusses a timeline and takes an early look at which colleges could be under consideration.


Carolyn offers ACT and SAT test preparation on an hourly basis.
Carolyn structures her time around her retainer clients. However, depending upon availability, Carolyn may be able to assist clients on a hourly basis.

What parents and students are saying about their experience with Carolyn

Thank you Carolyn, for all you did to help us navigate this complicated (and lengthy) search. You were always so patient and good-humored with us-even through our inevitable panicked moments! I appreciate your calm, your in-depth knowledge, and your confidence that we’d find a good fit.

Parent, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

I got in! Thank you Carolyn! I could not have done it without you!

Student, Basalt High School

I could not have done it without you! Thank you so much for the help.

Student, Bethesda, Maryland

We really appreciate your very hard work and how involved and concerned you have been with the girls. We could not have found anyone better. Thank you.

Parent, Aspen, Colorado

Thanks again for all of your help. We learned more in the first five minutes of our meeting with you than we knew about the whole process beforehand. The first semester of scholarships alone more than made up for your fee. Louie is very excited about Western Washington University!

Parent, Carbondale, Colorado

Thank you SO much for your direction and support in the quest of ‘Where to go to college?’ and ‘How to get there?’. You have a remarkable ability to focus in on what is good for ‘your kids’ and the enthusiasm and tenacity to see the process to completion. Carolyn, you have made this time ‘exciting!’ Thank you.

Parent, Santa Fe, New Mexico

My mom and I were talking last night and trying to imagine what this process would have been like without you. While we might have gotten through it, we would have never found Redlands, or the Johnston Center! You have been awesome. Thanks so much.

Student, Roaring Fork High School

As Kathryn said when she read your email, you are incredible! Your email is so helpful. More important, I can tell from speaking to Bronwyn that she's really connected with you and trusts you implicitly. I knew you'd be a great fit. I am so glad that you are around to help. I am very pleased that you are involved and love what you’re doing with and for her.

Parent, Toronto, Canada